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Sunday, April 30
Plant Earth Medicine: Healing with Essential Oils
with Lynne Hartwell, Certified Medicinal Aromatherapist
Featuring Plant and Tree Essences (Essential Oils) from "Wisdom of the Earth"-a bridge and a connection to the Natural World.
You will re-connect with the Ancient methods of healing through connection with YOUR innate healing abilities. The Plant and Tree Kingdom has been part of the Earth's Original Medicine that ancient civilizations used, and is part of the Revolution of healing methods that has transcended what western medicine alone has not been able to cure. They are also a complimentary practice to western medical treatments or current medications being taken.
This class focuses on Connecting to your spiritual and healing journey through living in the heart and not in the head. You will develop greater intuitive abilities ("listening within"), and learn ancient methods of living more Consciously-and walking your true path with greater clarity and purpose.
Ideal for the general public, health practitioners, and for those who have worked with essential oils before but want to develop a stronger connection with them.
What is included:
·  Understanding how Essences work, and how to safely use them
·  Interactive sessions using several types of Essences (this is FUN!!!)
·  How to intuitively choose the right Essence, every time, for any use
·  Guided Meditation with the Essence of your choice
·  Journal your experience and “messages” you receive
·  Bring home a sample of the essence you worked with in class

Time: 1:30 - 4:30 P.M.
Cost: $45