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White Time Gemstone Healing Level III

Are you ready to take the next step toward your awakening? Are you a holistic healing practitioner looking to expand your repertoire of offerings? Do you have an affinity with crystals and gemstones? Empower yourself now with the rare and ancient knowledge of Universal White Time.
This Certification Class focuses primarily on the raising energies of the Earth and how it affects our bodies and energy-fields. You will be empowered with 20 advanced gemstone layouts that connect with the Earth’s vibration 3 Years from now.
This is an invitation to discover your true divine nature and expand your spiritual horizons while resonating with the NEW Energy of the Evolving Charka System in a balanced and integrated way.
You will also learn a DISTANCE HEALING SYMBOL, as well and ways to use sacred geometry for balance in the home and garden, along with an energetic initiation/attunement and become certified as a Level III Universal White Time Gemstone Healing Practitioner.

When: May 6th, 20th, 21st 27th and June 3rd
Time:1:00pm – 5:00pm
Cost: $350. $50 non-refundable DEPOSIT REQUIRED

CC accepted to make deposit/payment 415-420-6232
via PAYPAL: Send money to

Bradford has been teaching and practicing Universal White Time Healing for over 10 years. He studied with Kitty Mrache, the Head Teacher for the United States, who studied under the originator of the modality, Channie Cha West of Sweden. Kitty is the sole
White Time Gemstone Teacher Trainer in the U.S. Bradford is one of a handful of Practitioner trainers in the WORLD. Take advantage of this UNIQUE Opportunity to experience this NEW AND POWERFUL modality with an expert in the field.

Saturday, May 13th
Create Your Own Tree of Life Wisdom Circle.
Deepen your connection to nature or to your own life force by creating a beautiful "Tree of Life" wisdom circle.
Carol of Earth, Wind & Spirit has been creating jewelry for over 10 years. She enjoys every opportunity to share her passions.
Her easy fun loving nature combined with her love and knowledge of the craft make her workshops very enjoyable and rewarding.
Large 5" ring with a  wrapped crystal point for trunk
All materials and tools included, however if you have your own tools please bring them.
Time: 1- 3:30 pm
Cost: $45 Cash at the door

Saturday, May 13th
Didgeridoo Sound Therapy Session
Hi, Dan Connors here. Aka Didgeridan. I use the didgeridoo to perform sound healing
and music. I use this therapeutic practice to re-establish the peaceful connection
between mind, body and soul. My goal is to achieve balance and harmony within

myself and in others.
Whether curious or an avid fan of didgeridoo therapy this is a great opportunity to let

go and unwind holistically. In a sound therapy session I will use the didgeridoo to perform sound vibrations in a communal space. Similar to gongs and singing bowls the didgeridoo uses frequency and vibrations to assist in healing processes. As you relax let the didgeridoo guide you into a meditative journey.
Come as you are and allow yourself to wonder on this sedative journey. This is a space

of rest and reflection. Ease the mind, calm the nerves and relax the body. Being here and now, take a peek at your inner expanse to discover what may lie within. As the exploration grows fall into your meditation or simply be at ease and enjoy the therapeutic sounds and vibrations. May the resonance expel some of the clutter and
funk restoring the mind and body with a sense of clarity. Reaching a relaxed state of awareness the journey is within you.
As a medicinal tool the didgeridoo is effective in releasing stress and negative energies within the body. Through sound and vibration emotional tensions of mind and body

may be relieved. Feelings of peace, rejuvenation, clarity and even exploring the inner consciousness have been experienced. To bring a body's energy back into balance promotes to becoming grounded in its foundation.
Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm
Cost: $20 Cash at the door

Friday May 19th
Messages from Heaven with Psychic Medium Rebecca Anne LoCicero
Validating messages from your loved ones in spirit through a certified evidential medium. Enjoy the bold and brassy messages with honest love and compassion for you.  Enjoy an evening of laughter and joy with audience readings in a gallery setting.
Rebecca Anne LoCicero has been working in the New England area and nationally for 22 years.  She is a certified medium with the Forever Family Foundation as well as a 3 time published author.
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Cost: $30 Cash at The Door